What is the League?

The League of Women Voters of Harvard (LWVH), established in 1950, is a local branch of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and the League of Women Voters of the United States. It is a non-partisan, multi-issue, grassroots organization whose mission is to encourage informed and active participation in local, state, and federal government and to influence public policy through education.

Who are our members?

Nationwide, the League has more than 100,000 members—concerned, socially conscious women and men in all fifty states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Harvard’s local league consists of about 40 members. We invite and encourage anyone of voting age to join us!

What does the League do?

  • Educates citizens about issues, legislation, and candidates.
  • Encourages informed citizen participation in the political process.
  • Monitors government acitivites. At the local level this includes observing town boards and committees.
  • Registers voters. In Harvard, the League works with the Bromfield School and the Town Clerk to register students when they reach voting age.
  • Sponsors candidate debates and public issue forums.
  • Teaches citizens and non-citizens about their rights and responsibilities.

How can I join Harvard's League?

Membership is open to U. S. citizens who are at least 18 years of age. Associate membership is available to all others. Annual dues are $45 per individual, $60 per household, or $20 per student. Send email to info@lwvharvard.org, or write to LWV Harvard, PO Box 405, Harvard, MA 01451.

Upcoming Events

Voter Registration at Naturalization Ceremonies
04/27/17  12:30pm
Location: Fitchburg State College

LWV Harvard volunteers will register voters prior to the naturalization ceremony.

LWV MA Convention: The Future of Democracy
Location: Sheraton Framingham Hotel

11:00 Friday 4/28 until 4:00 Saturday 4/29.

Theme for the convention is The Future of Democracy: Facing the Challenges. Information and registration.

On the Path to 100% Renewable Energy
05/02/17  5:30 pm
Location: First Baptist Church, 111 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA

LWV Worcester area is launching a five-part series on renewable energy.  See Details on the LWVMA Web Site.

Health Care Legislation in Massachusetts
05/04/17  7:00pm
Location: Unitarian Church Fellowship Building

State Senator Jamie Eldridge and Representative Jen Benson will talk about pending healthcare legislation in Massachusetts, including a bill cosponsored by Eldridge to establish a single-payer system in Massachusetts. 

Co-sponsored by the Acton and Concord-Carlisle Leagues.

American Promise, Money Out of Politics
05/10/17  7pm
Location: Harvard Town Hall, Upstairs Assembly Room
The goal of American Promise is to win the 28th Amendment to The Constitution to restore American democracy in which we citizens - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern ourselves. Larry Scarff, American Promise volunteer and Coordinator of the Massachusetts Citizens Rising 2018 activities will be the speaker at this event. He will explain the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and how it has allowed unrestricted money to attack the core principles of our democracy. Larry will describe the work that American Promise is doing to get money out of politics via the national Citizen Uprising, and conclude with a focus on their Massachusetts campaign in 2018, providing suggestions for actions that each citizen can take to make a difference.