Elected Offices

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The following descriptions have been prepared by the League of Women Voters from the General Laws of Massachusetts and other sources. The summaries are not all-inclusive descriptions but are summaries of the responsibilities each office carries with it, as traditionally filled in Harvard.

Each board listing contains a link to the page for that board or committee on the town’s website, which includes the official descriptions. Those pages also list the current members of each board and the years of their terms.

Unless otherwise noted, board members are elected to terms on a staggered basis.

Board of Health
Positions: 3
Term: 3 years
The Board of Health is responsible for permit approvals for well and septic systems, for monitoring wells and septic systems, for monitoring water at the town beach and supervision of the town nurses. The Nashoba Boards of Health are the agents of the Board of Health in sanitary matters.

Select Board
Positions: 5
Term: 3 years
Between Town Meetings, which vote the budget and town direction through warrant articles as presented for discussion, the executive powers of the town are vested in the Select Board to be exercised by them or through the town agencies and officers under their general supervision and control. The Select Board oversees Police, Fire and Highway Departments and is the town’s licensing authority. It is also responsible for areas of local government not specifically controlled by other elected or appointed Town officials.