Local League Positions

Open Space Plan — Support the implementation of the “Open Space” concepts of the current Open Space Plan as adopted by the Conservation Commission to protect the valued characteristics, i.e., rural atmosphere, vistas, physical features, historic characteristics, protection of wetlands, and providing areas of recreation and conservation.

Historic Districts — Support of the establishment of historic districts and sites and continued existence of the Harvard Historical Commission and of existing Historic Districts in order to preserve valued historical characteristics of Harvard.

Water Resources — Support ground water protection and continued interest in water resource planning and development, including coordination and improvement of programs on all levels of government, specifically support of regional programs for pollution abatement in the watersheds. Support to keep Bare Hill Pond as a natural resource for recreation and conservation.

Recreation — Continued support of efforts in the area of town recreation in working toward improved facilities and programs. Support of the use of some public areas throughout the town for planned recreational activities.

Fiscal Policy — Support of intelligible, constructive town budgetary process that will recognize priorities and the need for adequate funding of agreed-upon essential services and CPIC funds.

Zoning — To avoid haphazard development, support limitation on certain physical aspects of commercial usage, i.e., architectural constraints on buildings and constraints on commercial parking lots to pro-vide for safety and appearance compatible with a rural atmosphere.

Community Space Needs — Support measures to meet specific space needs of organizations as deter-mined by the Community.

Regional Planning — Support the proposition that the Town support regional planning efforts, recognizing the following trends to be of major concern:

  • The interdependency between small and larger communities both for the interchange of services and for the strength in numbers derived from joint action.
  • The inevitability of future problems which will require solutions on a regional basis.
  • The uncertain supply of continuous local voluntary expertise available to the Town resulting from growing transience with the population.
  • A comprehensive integrated plan should be implemented for water resource protection and waste disposal in high density residential areas and aquifer recharge areas.

Devens Redevelopment — The Harvard League positions on Open Space, Historic Districts, Water Re-sources, Recreation and Recreational Space Needs, Fiscal Policy, Regional Planning, all can be applied to the redevelopment of Devens, a portion of which is Harvard land, but not currently under the Town of Harvard jurisdiction. In addition, the League recognizes the following to be of major importance to the future of the Town and the region:

  • The continuation of efforts to provide a viable and effective partnership between the Common-wealth and the towns.
  • The League supports efforts to meet a balance of economic, environmental and socio-cultural uses on Devens.
  • Efforts should continue to insure that the partnership between the towns and the state is one of equals so there will be assurance that the towns’ goals will be met.
  • Efforts should continue to insure that the partnership between the towns and the state is one of equals so there will be assurance that the towns’ goals will be met.
  • Efforts to support equal rights for all town citizens are a primary League goal and includes Devens residents.

Civility — We believe that civil conduct in public affairs promotes participation in democracy. Examples of polite, civil, and respectful behavior towards town officials and volunteer committee members encourages citizens to participate and therefore has a positive impact on the quality of our governance. The League is committed to identifying and supporting publicity, processes, and activities that will highlight and promote civility in Harvard.

State League Positions

National League Positions