Harvard Civics Cup!

The Second Annual Harvard Civics Cup will be March 1 from 1-3 at Harvard Town Hall, 3 Ayer Road in Harvard.

Teams from grades 8-12 from The Bromfield School will compete to win bragging rights and the coveted (and big!) Civics Cup. First, second and third place teams will be awarded gift cards from Apex Entertainment, O’Niel Cinemas and The Harvard General Store.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Voting Matters!” and questions will be about voting history/suffrage, state and local government and general civics. Each contestant gets a Civics Cup T-shirt and a gift bag with copies of the US and MA state constitutions as well as sweets, vouchers and other treats.

Audience members can play along and test their knowledge. Pizza will be served to the contestants and refreshments and baked goods will be available for the public.

Teams can sign up HERE! The team deadline is Monday, Feb. 7. Don’t delay!